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Chapter VI
Article 12

Affiliated societies pay an annual fee determined by the board of directors of directors based on the criteria previously established for this.

Article 13

1. Honorary members are exempt from paying any membership fee.

2. The contributions of benefactor members are negotiated on a case by case basis by the FPOGS board of directors.

Article 14

1. Affiliated and benefactor members are obliged to pay their fees, contributions and other agreed sums on time.

2. The affiliates and members undertake under oath to refrain from actions contrary to the spirit, aims and objectives of the FPOGS as consecrated in these statutes and in the legitimate decisions of the board of directors. By taking the oath, they expressly declare their acceptance of these rulings and commit to engaging actively in the life, aims, objectives and activities of the federation.

Article 15

No member of the governing bodies shall be paid for performing the functions or duties for which they have been elected or appointed, without prejudice to the reimbursement by the FPOGS for expenses they may incur in exercising these duties and for the payment of expenditures necessary for the proper performance of the same.


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