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Chapter IV
Article 8

The objectives of the FPOGS:

1. Promote and contribute to the study and development of obstetrics and gynaecology, their sub specialties and skills in their community and prophylactic, preventive, and curative health care aspects as well as educational, scientific and research aspects, with full respect for professional ethics and deontology.

2. Defend the interests of federated societies and their respective members and contribute to the scientific and appropriate updating of professional practice.

3. Contribute to the definition and implementation of national and regional health policies in the areas of obstetrics and gynaecology. 

4. Contribute to the definition and guarantee of standards for quality, ethics and scientific and technical competence within obstetrics and gynaecology. 

5. Ensure that the lives and health of people within obstetrics and gynaecology are not put at risk, particularly through medical acts performed or being carried out by professionals who are not licensed to practice medicine.

Article 9 
Specific purposes

The specific aims of the FPOGS: 

1. Coordinate the activities of its member societies. 

2. Organize a national congress every three years to pursue and achieve the objectives of the FPOGS without prejudice to the specific conferences and meetings of each affiliated society or other meetings of any kind.

3. Assign scientific credit, sponsorship or monetary, scientific or other support to meetings or workshops and technical-scientific dissemination promoted by appropriate bodies when requested, provided that they fall within the scope and objectives of the FPOGS, according to the rules, criteria and methodologies established by the board of directors.

4. Represent its member societies, as decided by the board of directors, at national or international level through concerted and integrated active participation in debates and meetings, scientific or otherwise, of relevant interest for its activities. This representation shall be made without prejudice to the specific representation by each affiliate to entities to which they are incorporated or linked. The representation of the FPOGS’s  federated societies with the FIGO and in the EBCOG is assigned by the president of the board of directors, who will keep the vice presidents informed and exercise the right to vote in the assemblies of those institutions in accordance with what is determined by the board of directors specifically for each case. 

5. Submit to the relevant authorities, on their own initiative or upon request, opinions or proposals on issues of interest to women’s medicine in general as well as foetal and reproductive medicine.
6 . Spread the activities of the FPOGS in the country and abroad.

7 . Edit, directly or through the publisher with whom board of directors establishes an agreement, periodical publications, including a journal and a website, for which the board of directors will draw up specific guidelines.

8 . Develop, present and disseminate statements and technical- scientific opinions or opinions on professional practice that match the objectives of the FSPOG as decided by the board of directors.

9. Implement working groups for the development of scientific topics and elaboration of opinions as part of its aims and objectives, as decided by the board of directors.

10 . Support scientific research and dissemination in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology, its sub-specialties and skills.

11 . Award prizes or monetary support to physicians or groups of Portuguese doctors in recognition of their contribution to research into obstetrics and gynaecology, its sub-specialties and skills. 

12 . Develop and implement the actions necessary for the coordination of national meetings within the framework of obstetrics and gynaecology, its sub-specialties and skills which are organized by different entities of any nature. This will promote an appropriate and rational use of resources, support and available sponsorships as well as that of the target audience they are aimed towards.


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